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Planing Stop

This work stop acts much like a bench dog, but with a lower profile and a much wider bearing surface. Particularly useful with thin or narrow workpieces, the 1-1/4" x 9-3/4" wide anodized aluminum rail projects just 0.22" above the benchtop, allowing materials as thin as 1/4" to be worked or planed without obstruction. It also provides a reliable registration surface for materials too narrow to span two adjacent bench dogs. The two steel posts, sized to fit 3/4" dog holes, slide along a T-track on the underside of the rail and can be spaced up to 9" apart (center to center).

For tasks that involve the application of horizontal force in one direction, such as planing, a single stop can be used with no additional clamping. Stops can also be placed perpendicular to one another to capture two edges of the workpiece to prevent rotation, useful when working with a larger workpiece or for cross-grain planing. A simple way to secure work without the constraints of typical clamping methods.

Most planing operations done on a workbench do not require (nor is it recommended) that the workpiece be clamped in place, only that a stop be provided to resist the line of force imparted by the planing action. The 9-3/4" long anodized aluminum body on this low-profile planing stop projects only 0.22", allowing material as thin as 1/4" to be planed. The two steel posts are sized to fit in 3/4" diameter dog holes and slide along the planing stop for easy, unlimited adjustment to suit the dog-hole spacing on a workbench. An O-ring on each steel post provides resistance, so the posts will stay in place.

   Figure 1: Planing stop parts.

Insert the head of each post into the groove on the underside of the planing stop. Slide the posts along the aluminum body until they line up with the dog holes in your workbench.

   Figure 2: Lining up the posts with the dog holes in the workbench.

Insert the posts in the dog holes and press the planing stop down onto the workbench top. Position the end of the workpiece against the planing stop, and plane toward the stop.

   Figure 3: Positioning the workpiece against the planing stop.

Use two planing stops for larger workpieces or for cross-grain planing to prevent the board from rotating sideways as you plane. Position one planing stop as before and then place the second planing stop perpendicular to the first, as shown in Figure 4.

   Figure 4: Using two planing stops for larger workpieces

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Planing Stop

  • Brand: Veritas tools
  • Product Code: 05G23.01
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • 258.75kr (SEK)

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