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This is a Hishika Kugihiki saws!

It features a hand made saw blade hardened one at a time by hand as has been done traditionally in Japan for centuries. The whole blade is hardened for flexibility as well as hardness. The blade thickness tapers towards the back to produce friction-free strokes and the teeth are sharpened with no set to produce the cleanest cuts.

Kugihiki saws are intended for flush cutting of pins and similar applications, and have a cross-cut tooth configuration. The blades are quite fragile and should not be used in applications that might over-stess them, such as cuts that are more than about a half inch in depth, except in very thin stock. Because of the way that the blade is tempered, it will break if too much stress is put on the blade. This is only an issue if the saw is used in a way for which it was never intended.

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Kugihiki Saw 180mm

  • 461.25kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 369.00kr (SEK)

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